Saturday, March 31, 2012

Design (Competitions) Within Reach.

I've been an Interior Designer for nearly seven years now, and somehow I've never gotten around to entering a design competition.  I thought it was about time I pushed myself to come up with something that wasn't required for school or for work, so I entered the Live/Work competition co-sponsored by Dwell Magazine and Design Within Reach.  The winner of the competition will have their design produced and sold through Design Within Reach, so if I won, I would be able to add product designer to my resume!  

A word about the submission see above.  My goal was to design a piece that integrated all the necessary functions for a workspace: work table, storage and lighting.  When in use, the light pulls out from the raised unit, and there's access to storage, paperwork, etc.  When not in use, it descends to create a clean flat plane on the work table and the clutter is covered below.  This unit would be of particular interest to those who don't have a separate room for an office, and have their desk out in their living area.  When guests come over (or you're sick of looking at it), it's easy to hide everything.

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Tyler said...

I love this idea. Very cool.