Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend Getaway: The Viceroy Palm Springs

This year, for my birthday, I've decided to forgo the usual large fete and take a few girlfriends to Palm Springs instead. It was a no brainer when it came to deciding where to stay as two of my friends are interior designers and the other is a jewelry designer-the Viceroy of course! Designed by KWID (Kelly Wearstler Interior Design), this hotel is a mix of old Hollywood glamour and some really funky accents. So in honor of this impending trip, I'm going to give you a list of great ideas/furniture/accessories to re-create your very own Palm Springs Viceroy!

Color Scheme: This one is easy-lemon yellow, black and creamy white. Stick with these and you are golden.

Busts: Stop've gotta go with Greek or Roman styles here. Put these bad boys on a deep mantle or on a front hall table. For a more personalized look, try adding a Santa hat at Christmas time or a beer helmet for parties...filled with a premium imported lager of course, you don't want to appear uncouth to your guests.

Materials: marble, marble, marble, marble tile, and heavy fabrics in lemon yellow, black and creamy white. Check out Bisazza tile to re-create the look below.

Lighting: You know this is my favorite, and here are a few options. The funky little wall sconce in the above picture throws light around in a sexy way. Try the 'Paris Sconce' from Zia Priven in your own space. Although not pictured, to throw a little Viceroy glamour into any space, try the Eliza Black looks sturdy enough to swing from-if you're having those kinds of parties (see beer helmet reference above)

Furniture: For the fabulous yellow regency chair above look no further than this link or for more like it check out 1st Dibs.

The greyhounds: Those greyhounds you see guarding the pool area...look no further than Inside Avenue.

I'll be taking many many inspiration photos to post when I return, so while you're waiting start decorating.

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tylerfonda said...

Very swank must be one seriously, successful designer.

On another note, I think KWID and you are out of your minds on those Greek/Roman busts. Seems to kitschy and while kitsch works in a bar or hotel, not so sure it works in the home.

You ought to check out a new book entitled brooklyn modern for some super sweet interior design from my neck of the woods.