Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Design Seeds Boosts Design Recession.

Our country, by all accounts or at least what's shown on the news, is going into a state of panic over the dismal economy.  Everyone I speak to seems to be hurting from it in one way or another, whether it be gas prices, food prices (I paid $1 more for my usual $2.49 box of Peanut Butter Puffins last night!!) or just business-not as usual aka super slow.  In speaking to my design colleagues, I find that I keep hearing the same thing over and over again- I'm doing small jobs for past clients, but nothing new is on the horizon.  

That's the unfortunate thing about a luxury service, it's the first thing to go.  Ultimately, everyone suffers-the designer (no new business), the vendors and workman (again, no new business) but the client suffers too.  The client suffers because they're left fending for themselves in a sea of endless choices.

Luckily for those folks (and maybe that's you), yours truly (Nest Interiors) is out with a solution to the current design recession as well as a sustainable solution for the future of design.  Pretty grandiose words, you might say, but on the contrary, it's a simple solution to a complex problem.  

My company has developed a collection of design packages called 'Design Seeds'.  The name really says it all, as it is the first step in the design process.  Like traditional interior design services, we come to your home for a consultation and measurement of the room or we schedule a phone interview and walk you through the process of measuring.  We'll talk about everything from your style preferences to your budget to a solution for how to display your daughter's barbie doll collection.  The packages are designed for stages of life and are then broken down by room size.  

My First Apartment- for our design enthusiast recent graduates
Bachelor/Bachelorette Pad- for those of us who could use a bit more polish and style or maybe just want to impress our dates when they're over for dinner
Just Married! Merger- for those couples who can't decide whether to live with that ugly black leather lazy-boy/floral comforter/tattered college poster or to just burn it in the night
Family Fusion- for the family that wants to spend quality time together, if only they could sort through the clutter and find each other
Retiree Refuge- for the couple or single person who is finally ready to do it their way...well, their way plus a room for the grandkids

After each consultation, we put together a binder filled with all the information you need to execute the project yourself, thereby cutting out the expense of project management fees and purchasing mark up.  You will receive a binder with a furniture plan, all the furniture selections for your project with the names of the company, the fabric to be used with it and a few key design details (ex: dimensions, wood finish) if you decide to choose something other than the proposed piece.  You will also receive a preliminary budget to keep on track, as well as an accessories list and a tip sheet customized for your stage of life.  All of this in only 3-4 weeks!

The great thing about Design Seeds, is that you don't have to do it all at once and you don't have to worry that we're selling you anything you don't need.  In fact, we want to include existing furniture, accessories or collections that are meaningful to you.

So if you've bought a new home, condo or rental, and you want to revamp the space but don't think you can afford a designer, call Nest Interiors and ask about Design Seeds-it's the affordable and approachable interior design solution. or 917.573.1774 for more information
This is an LA based company who is also happy to serve clients all over the US.


tylerfonda said...

Sounds exciting. As an aside, all the Euro's are spending like crazy in the US because their money is worth so much....Any European's in LA want to spend money?

Designer said...

Fantastic solution!
As a restaurant designer, I felt I was not to be affected as much as a residential designer, but alas, the economy is causing a dramatic effect on just how creative a client will let me get. Sadly, I wish I could go as far as I can envision.
All the best,