Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting Greener all the time.

In honor of my recent involvement with Nest Feathers, a non-profit design group that is currently working on a LEED building in downtown LA, and also with the Green committee I head-today's post and many posts in the future will be about green-ing your design environment.  

If you're on the right...I promise, no one will even have to know you're being environmentally friendly. (Sorry Dad, it's just a joke!)

Tumbler in evergreen- This gorgeous piece of glassware is actually made from recycled bordeaux bottles!  What I really love about this piece, is not just its environmental contribution but it's rad color.  I envision a cream tablescape-tablecloth, napkins, dishware....and these little jems adding a pop of color.  Obviously, use gold tone flatware and cream rhinoculous flowers to create the perfect summer fete.  Serve chicken or that other white meat, so you don't throw off the color scheme!  

Green-appetit!  Okay, that was lame-I'll add the cheese to my "tablescape".  

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