Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July America!

In honor of the independence of our nation, I thought I would feature some of my favorite red, white and blue things.

The pigeon light ($105) by Thorsten van Elten. Okay, this light is awesome. I would buy twenty of these and do a wall installation..ala the Alfred Hitchcock movie 'The Birds' except less scary and painful. I would also consider painting said wall a concrete or black color and then splatter painting with white, yellow, blue and whatever other colors pigeons like to "decorate" with. It would be a sort of ode to NYC. Check out for stores.

The 'Dory' pillow ($175). This little gem by Dermond Peterson Design is great for its scale, but really, fish are just funny looking up close and who doesn't want to walk into their living room in the morning and giggle at a weird fabric fish? In the vein of Independence day and the theme colors it offers, I would pair this fish pillow with a red cashmere throw or if it isn't the 4th of July, then I'd paint the walls lemon yellow.

The lobster tote($28-$32). This handsome sack is from LL Bean, the authority totes. The LL Bean tote is practically a part of my genetics, as this was the only tote to bring to the beach, the pool, or for sleepovers. The lobster print gives this guy a nice east coast flavor, so I suggest getting a Golden Retriever or Labrador puppy (adopted from of course!), putting on some J.Crew and heading to your cottage in Nantucket.

The Star(Maffee) knob($4.99 for 2). You get a twofer here! A star shape and it's red! From the children's section in IKEA, this fun little knob should probably stay in your child's room. Then again, it would work in the aforementioned Nantucket cottage guest room.

The Sparrow Jar($85). Alright, this one is kind of ugly, but kind of amazing at the same time. It sort of looks like something you might pick up at the flea market, but I think it would look super fly on a black lacquered front hall chest or console along with some bright pink lilies. Or, you could just stick it up on the aforementioned wall with the pigeon lights.

Happy Fourth everyone! Look for Palm Springs postings all this weekend.

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