Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going to the chapel and I'm...going to get registered.

The tradition I love most about weddings is the registry. On a sentimental note, it’s a way of family and friends starting you off on your life together…a support group made up of flatware, champagne flutes and dish towels. On a more realistic note, it’s an awesome excuse to get all the goodies you’ve ever needed or wanted. I’m nowhere near getting hitched, but in honor of the most popular month to get married and my single glory, here is my registry of personal favorites. While Sarah Jessica Parker's character 'Carrie' on "Sex and the City" put one pair of Manolo's on her "registry", I am all about home stuff, of course!
Hand towels- paper towels just aren’t cutting it for me anymore, so I’m turning to the sexy and exotic ‘Sultan’ towel ($12 each on sale!) from Schweitzer Linen Inc. I love the wide bands of neutral flax and white with the understated yet playful fringe. Perfect for my beachy bathroom. No monogram necessary, thank you.

Stemware- my stemware collection is currently a one size fits all giant goblet. Since I’ve moved past the days of a third of a bottle equals one serving, I can move on to a smaller and more refined selection. Tart comes to the rescue again, offering just the style I crave. 'High Society' ($564 for a set of six) is sexy and slim and is part of a collection, which includes water glasses, highballs, etc. You're welcome to get me the whole collection, but I'll settle for the wine glasses. Gorgeous hand blown stemware in a minimalist design. I can’t think of anything more chic to serve me, myself and I.

Napkin rings- I don't need a husband to have a dinner party, but I do need napkin rings. No, not the gaudy ones with all the beading-I'm talking about Joerg Gaetjens designed 'chalkboard' rings found at the Moma Store ($65 for four). These cool little dudes also double as a placecard. Bon appetit!

Mugs- Over the years I've collected quite a collection of mugs, my favorite being my "Woof!" mug, which I'm currently drinking French press out of. Yeah, I know it's lame, but not as lame as the "My grandchild is a dog" mug I gave to the 'rents for Christmas. So it's obviously time to get a little more hip. I've been a devotee of Tart on Melrose ever since they first opened shop, and their Nina aqua coffee mug ($72 for six) would be the perfect addition/replacement to my mug collection.

Dinnerware- Okay, maybe my faux registry should just be everything at Tart, since they have the best selection of ridiculously great things....ever. The 'Black Forest' dishes ($286 for a five-piece setting) I covet are designed by Bodo Sperlein, who I absolutely have a design crush on, and they're so perfectly minimal and intriguing at the same time. They'd match up quite nicely with my 'chalkboard' napkin rings or a perfectly portioned meal of short ribs.

Bowls- my Ikea white everyday bowls go with everything, but let’s face it, there’s not much style there. Enter the ‘Blue Mist’ bowl by Nancy Bauch sold at White Forest Pottery and made especially for Domino magazine. The subtle kiss of blue on these handcrafted ceramic bowls will take my morning cereal to the next level.

That should just about cover my faux newlywed needs....who needs a husband when you have great design!

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