Friday, June 20, 2008

A cool cocktail for a hot day.

It hit 110 degrees in my car today on my ride back from the Valley (LA)...this reminded me why I don't live in the Valley, but it also got me thinking about sexy little cocktails. Perfect for an evening like this. Brenda Langton is the owner of badass Mineapolis restaurant, Spoonriver. Besides her use of seasonal farmer's market ingredients, which I totally dig, she also created a ridiculously cool and delicious cocktail-the Honey-Lavender Spritz. This recipe was so inspiring to me, in fact, that I went right out and purchased my very own lavender plant, so I will always have this liquid gold available to me!

Here's the recipe.

1.5 oz honey-lavender-infused vodka (see below)

3 oz soda water

dash of honey

1/4 t Ames bee pollen, *plus extra for the rim of the glass

Honey-lavender vodka

1 bottle vodka, the very best of course (You're worth it)

1 T dried lavender flowers

2 T honey

1. To make the honey-lavender vodka, combine vodka, dried lavender flowers and honey, and let steep for 4 days.

2. Pour vodka in a glass with soda, honey and bee pollen; stir. Rim the edge of the glass with extra pollen.

3. Drink and repeat.

4. Repeat step 3.

5. Once more if your marriage is stale or you're recently unemployed.

Ames bee pollen is available at
This cocktail belongs in a sexy vintage tall glass...scour your local flea market and pick up an eclectic mix to serve at your next party.

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