Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lunchtime Adventure to RPM Clothing Store

So I took a walk today, with my dog Morris, into town to visit my good friend Chelsea at her store in Brentwood. She owns this fantastic little men's clothing shop RPM Clothing , which I always shop for the men in my life. Besides the fact that it has amazing clothing and accessories, the lighting is the best I've seen almost anywhere. All of the fixtures are antiques provided by her Mother and Father's shop in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Lights. I particularly love this one fixture in the rear of the store where the children's clothing is displayed. I feel that lighting is highly undervalued when people go to design their space, and they always leave it for last, when inevitably they've gone over budget. Such a shame because unique lighting can really set a space apart from the rest! If you're looking for a great electrician in the Los Angeles area, and I know it's hard to find a good one you can trust, give a shout to David Bernstein at Bernstein Electric 310.386.4581.

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