Monday, September 10, 2007

From the Beginning....And a New Puppy

I thought I would take my readers through a typical job-giving updates and anecdotes on one project from start to finish. All the highs, lows, and the craziness and satisfaction in between. Not that I intend to say anything in bad taste about my clients, but for the purposes of this project "diary" I will refer to them as the SoCal Nest. I met with SoCal Nest this weekend off a referral from my Interior Design mentor, Merlene Bryant of Chestnut Street Interiors in Costa Mesa. This client is redoing their back patio and want to turn it into an outdoor living space. They're already working with a contractor, so I have been hired to specify moldings and other architectural finishes as well as do the lighting design and the furniture layout and design. The style is traditional with a Cape Cod feel, so I'm planning something simple, light and inviting. I'm already thinking about doing Holly Hunt's new Great Outdoors line of outdoor fabrics. With her crisp lines and gorgeous colors, I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for. I will start looking into materials this week and touch base with the contractor on the architectural details, so he can get the construction started. I'm psyched about this project, and the client also wants work done on the interior after this is finished, so it will hopefully turn out to be a great relationship.

As for something completely unrelated to design, I took on a foster puppy this weekend through the dog resuce I volunteer for, Ace of Hearts Rescue, and am now looking for a home for her. If you're interested send me a comment with your info.

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