Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Clearly cheap.

For my birthday I decided to give my self the gift of decor.  I trotted on over to CB2 and scooped up twenty five little hanging glass votive holders at $1.95 a piece!  Big score here.  My grand plan was to paint one wall of my entry hall/staircase a deep navy then affix these bad boys to the wall in a random pattern.  For special occasions I will put the candles in the holders and light them for a cool clubby effect, but in the meantime I am placing random tiny things in the holders to create a wall of curiosities.  Example: my dog Morris' empty pill vial and a plastic nose pencil sharpener, courtesy of my humorous boyfriend.  I'll post a photo of the final product when I get home tonight.  In the meantime, order a bunch for yourself at CB2, and get creative!